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The golden rule with insurance quotes is to shop around as widely as you can. You will often find that quotes vary wildly from one company to another, and so don’t be too proud to bargain or too scared to hang tough and play one company off against the other. Insurance is a cutthroat game, and it’s most often the consumer’s throat that gets cut, so remove your own conscience from the game immediately. There are plenty of people who will tell you that the big insurance company who insisted that they were unable to drop their premiums did so immediately when confronted by a better insurance quote from a smaller company – they were only too happy to match the quote in order to sign up the business. The more information you have at your fingertips the more power you have, so spend some time calling around – you’ll find that what you save on your premiums will more than make up for your phone bill at the end of the day!

Insurance quotes can be obtained from the insurance companies directly, or from brokers who represent a number of different ones, and are in a position to easily make comparisons for you. This is the other part of gathering multiple quotes – you need to carefully look at what is contained in the insurance cover. What type of excess will you be liable for, what about no-claim bonuses, and do you get parts of your premiums refunded after a given amount of time? Also check whether you can get better premiums by combining different types of insurance into the same policy, for example, car insurance premiums are often cheaper if you take household insurance as part of the deal.

You can also use the Internet to get insurance quotes. There are many web sites serving the South African insurance industry where you can fill in a brief from and submit it to get a quote. The sites are easy enough to find, simply by going to your favourite search engine and typing in “insurance quotes South Africa”, or similar search terms. With the ability to get and compare quotes online, you are now in an even better position to source the most affordable and best-value insurance cover.

One further word about insurance quotes is to remember that they are not binding, so at no stage should you feel obliged to accept any quote you are given.

Insurance Quotes In South Africa

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Insurance Quotes
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