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Car Insurance Companies

Without car insurance companies, the world would be in complete chaos. Think about it, without car insurance, every time our cars (and other vehicles) broke down, were involved in accidents or were stolen, we would have to fix or replace them out of our own pockets. Now, apart from people who are wealthy, very few South Africans can afford to dish out tens and even hundreds of thousands of rands to repair or replace their vehicles.

So, while monthly car insurance premiums are considered a 'grudge purchase' by most people, imagine where you would be sitting if you weren't insured. Paying a small insurance excess to your insurance company in the event of an insurance claim, is infinitely better than facing the replacement costs of a new car. The great thing about car insurance companies in South Africa is that there are so many of them to choose from.

This means there is a lot of competition between companies which is good news for you, the consumer. The reason is that when competing against each other for your business, car insurance companies will try to outdo each other by offering you the best (in other words lowest) monthly insurance premiums. Many car insurance companies will even try to save you money by dealing with you directly so you don't have to risk paying more by going though a middleman or insurance broker.

When seeking out the best and most comprehensive car insurance policies to suit your needs, remember to ask car insurance companies as many questions as you want. Car insurance policies, like all insurance policies, are often complicated documents. So, if your insurance company doesn't explain all the ins and outs and jargon to you properly, the onus is on you to ask them to explain it to you.

Car Insurance Companies In South Africa

Auto & General Insurance Products
Auto & General is a top class car insurance company offering comprehensive cover and tons of benefits.

Hollard Insurance Products
Offering the unique pay as you drive policy, Hollard is an innovative car insurance company in South Africa. Recommended for those that do very little travel.

SA Eagle Insurance Products
Rated South African car insurance company offer full cover for all types of motor vehicles. SA Eagle as a strong reputation and solid customer service.

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Low Cost Insurance
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Car Insurance Companies
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Car Insurance Companies
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