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Auto & General Insurance Products

Auto & General is one of South Africa`s most popular short term insurance companies. Auto & General prides itself on delivering fast and efficient car and home insurance products to suit any individual or company insurance requirement.

Here are some of the Auto & General insurance products that have helped make Auto & General a household name in South Africa.

Short Term Insurance Products

Kicking off its short-term insurance offerings is probably Auto & General`s most popular and widely recognised offering, its Car Insurance products which have been protecting generations of South Africans.

These include Comprehensive Cover, which is what most South Africans should have, Third Party Fire and Theft Cover which covers only third party claims in terms of fire and theft, Third Party Only Cover and particularly relevant to outdoor loving South Africans, Off Road Comprehensive Cover designed for the needs of South African off-road enthusiasts.

There is a large motorcycle community in South Africa and as a result Auto & General have a comprehensive motorcycle insurance product that is ideal for motorcycle owners. Motorcycle Cover gives South African bike lovers peace of mind that they can claim if their motorcycle is stolen or damaged, or if damage is caused to other parties and/or their property.

Continuing with the great outdoors as so much a part of the South African lifestyle, there is Caravan Cover for people who like to tow their great holiday experiences around with them, and on top of that Loose Contents of Caravan Cover to protect against loss, theft or damage of personal items in the caravan.

Auto & General`s Trailer Cover is a fantastic insurance product to cover South Africans against any damage, theft or loss concerning their trailers which can be expensive pieces of equipment to maintain, repair and replace.

With so many recreational water areas to enjoy in South Africa such as dams, lakes, rivers and oceans, Auto & General`s Watercraft Cover is a necessary insurance option for owners of watercraft that include speedboats, jet-skis, rubber duckies etc.

Unfortunately we live in turbulent times where house theft and burglary are all to common. As such, Auto & General has an invaluable insurance product called Home Contents Cover which, as its name suggests, covers homeowners comprehensively in the event that the contents of their home are damaged, destroyed or stolen.

Of course crime is not only limited to where we live. We South Africans also have to be on their guard regarding the loss of our portable possessions, i.e. things we carry around with us. This is why Auto & General offers its Portable Possessions Cover because many of the items we own such as cell phones, jewellery or sunglasses can be expensive to replace.

Auto & Generals Building Cover is aimed at protecting people against damage, loss or destruction of buildings, where replacement and repair work can literally run into the millions of Rands.

Of course as one South Africa`s leading short-term insurance companies, Auto & General has many other `insurance bases` covered in terms of Value Added Products that include Cash Back Plus, Exposure, Protection Plan, Personal Accident, Car Touch-Up Policy, AutoXtend, Road Assist, Accident Assistance, Home Assist and Medical Assist.

To cater for the growing needs of South African for specific insurance products, Auto & General recently launched its Business Insurance offering that combines traditional comprehensive business policy sections with the flexibility to include additional cover as per the needs and requirements of a particular business.

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Auto & General offer the following short-term car and home and business insurance products
Auto & General insurance products
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