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Momentum Insurance Products

Like its name, Momentum is a company that has and will always be on the move, from its meagre beginnings as a small insurance company back in the 1960`s to its position as one of the largest financial institutions in South Africa today.

As such, Momentum offers a comprehensive range of short term and long term insurance products for the South African market.

Short Term Insurance Products

Momentum Insurance offers short term insurance products to both individuals via its personal policies and to businesses via its commercial policies.

For the individual, Momentum offers short term insurance for vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, boats and caravans. Momentum can insure these items comprehensively against all eventualities such as accidents, h-jacking and injury to self and others. Momentum also offers limited cover where certain instances and items are not insured.

Momentum`s personal insurance products also cater for the home insurance, where the home itself and the contents within can be insured.

As with most insurance companies today, Momentum offers additional rewards and benefits to its customers via no claim cash backs and emergency assistance.

Momentum offers business a number of options with regards to short term insurance products. Businesses can insure all their vehicles. Momentum offers both comprehensive and limited cover products to insure single vehicles to vehicle fleets. In providing a holistic product range to businesses, Momentum also offers products to insure a businesses buildings, building contents, electrical equipment, stock in-transit and money. A business can also insure itself with Momentum against business interruptions, employee dishonesty  and employer liabilities.

Long Term Insurance Products

Momentum`s long-term or life insurance products are made up of three products called Aspire, Myriad and Momentum Interactive, each of which are designed to protect individuals and families financially in case the `breadwinner` is no longer there or is no longer able to support the family.

Momentum`s life assurance range are completely flexible offering a range of options. Each individual that gets a policy through Momentum will have their life policy tailored specifically to their needs. An individual is able to choose the type of events that must be insured against, what benefits must be paid out and the amount of the benefits.

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5/4/2010 9:01:03 AM
Short term and Long term insurance product information for Momentum
Momentum insurance products
Tuesday, May 04, 2010

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