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SA Eagle Insurance Products

As a short term insurance company, SA Eagle serves both the domestic and commercial markets via a comprehensive network of agents and brokers in South Africa, as well through subsidiaries in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mauritius.

SA Eagle is known for offering a range of niche and specialist short term insurance products.

Short Term Products

SA Eagle`s niche products include a motor insurance product designed to take the load and hassle off clients involved in minor accidents. It is a comprehensive car insurance product that includes a service where SA Eagle are responsible for making sure the vehicle is collected, repaired and return to the client.

SA Eagle offer a niche B&B insurance product aimed at the ever-growing bed and breakfast industry. The product is offers additional cover that not covered with standard personal and business policies. These include items such as 24 hour medical advice and access to electricians and plumbers.

Another fantastic niche product SA Eagle offers is a policy that protects the collectibles of domestic and commercial client`s such as jewellery, antiques, valuable rugs, art and coin collections in the event of damage and loss through theft.

To meet the insurance needs of outdoor enthusiasts, SA Eagle offers a product that covers all manner of off-road vehicles, trailers, caravans, as well as outdoor and sporting equipment.

Due to an increasing amount of cyclists on our roads, SA Eagle offers an all-risks product to cover cyclists in the event of damage during transit, hijacking, theft or while practicing. With SA Eagle`s next insurance product, professional clients can combine both their personal and business insurance policies giving them an increased degree of control over their insurance and financial matters.

To protect against the high cost of legal expenses, SA Eagle has a legal plan that offers individuals extensive legal expense insurance. Another fantastic niche insurance product is aimed at bowlers, a demographic that has its own insurance requirements, with coverage including bowls, bowling accessories, vehicles, household and personal goods.

Finally, SA Eagle offers a niche insurance product that is a complete insurance broker delivery system giving small to medium brokers instant and direct access to SA Eagle`s comprehensive administration system online.

In terms of its three specialist products, SA Eagle offers Aviation Insurance that is designed to meet the insurance requirements of aircraft owners ensuring peace of mind from take off to flying to landing, Marine Insurance which is aimed at safeguarding cargo coming into or leaving South Africa via air, road, rail, sea or post, and Engineering Insurance that covers engineering material subject to damage or loss.

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4/14/2010 8:58:48 AM
SA Eagle insurance products available in South Africa
SA Eagle Insurance Products
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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