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Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are often seen as the bad guys in the insurance industry, charging ever increasing premiums, while doing everything they can possible think of to renege on paying out on claims. However, they often take the blame for much of what is actually the doing of unscrupulous individual insurance brokers who give bad advice in the interest of signing better deals and making better commissions – and thus give unwitting clients the impression that things are covered when they are actually not. This is one of the primary reasons why many insurance companies have started to recommend that clients deal directly with them, and now provide advisors to fill what was previously a brokering role. At the same time the insurance companies are the targets of large-scale insurance fraud, which has meant the tightening of policies and procedures.

There are so many insurance companies in all the different areas of insurance that it can seem like a very difficult task to choose the right one. Don’t be guided solely by the lowest premiums, as you may end up without adequate cover. At the same time, the highest premiums don’t ensure the best cover or the best service, so there certainly is a bit of homework to be done. One of your best sources of information is other people around you – people with direct experience of different insurance companies will be more than willing to share their experiences with you.

There are direct insurance companies and broker driven ones – the latter being where independent brokers are used to sell insurance policies on behalf of the insurance companies.

Different insurance companies deal with different areas of business, so you will generally need more than one insurance policy to cover all your needs – your car, your household goods, your health insurance and so on. Some insurance companies do offer comprehensive packages, and you will often be able to save on premiums with these. For example, you may pay less for your car insurance if you include household insurance in the same package.

Not only are insurance companies subject to stringent laws and regulations, they are also watched over by an insurance industry ombudsman, to whom consumer complaints can be addressed. This is part of an attempt of behalf of the reputable insurance companies to clean up the industry and to make it more user-friendly for clients.

Insurance Companies In South Africa

Regent Insurance Products
This South african insurance company offers short term cover for most types of vehicles.

Hollard Insurance Products
Hollard is a privately owned insurance company with products for both individuals and businesss. Both short and long term products are available through Hollard.

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Insurance Companies
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