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Dial Direct Insurance

In just a few short years, the South African short-term insurance industry has been revolutionised since Dial Direct insurance emerged on the scene. With backing from Dial Direct UK, long-known throughout Europe as a highly reputable insurance company with an impeccable pedigree, Dial Direct offers South Africans truly international quality insurance.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that Dial Direct has long-term stability and will be here for the long haul. Dial Direct has been extremely innovative and far-sighted in terms of recognising the needs of South African consumers, particularly their desire to deal directly with their insurer, and bypass often expensive and uninterested middlemen or insurance brokers.

Instead of relying on an insurance broker and not always knowing exactly where you stand with your insurance policies, with Dial Direct insurance you are in control. With its extensive countrywide network and a superb infrastructure, Dial Direct has deservedly become one of the most trusted and popular direct car and household insurance companies in the nation.

Independent research conducted a few years ago showed that 65 percent of all short-term insurance clients were in favour of the cash-back bonus scheme (Bucks Back Bonus) offered by Dial Direct, over the 'cash out' schemes offered by other South African short-term insurance companies. Statistics show that Dial Direct's Bucks Back Bonus pays out substantially more than those competitors.

Unlike many other South African short-term insurers, Dial Direct does not penalise its policyholders if they submit claims that fall under 'permitted categories'. These permitted categories provide Dial Direct policyholders with unique peace of mind, and include vehicle theft if the vehicle is fitted with a tracking system, as well as windscreen chip damage.

At Car Home Insurance we highly recommend Dial Direct as our top choice South African short-term insurance company because with Dial Direct you can save a lot of money on your monthly insurance premiums by 'going direct'.

Dial Direct also offers exceptional levels of customer service and support through its highly trained and well-motivated staff, another important factor that influenced our independent and objective rating. Insurance claims are processed swiftly and efficiently and their customer satisfaction levels are amongst the highest in South Africa.

Looking for low cost insurance, try Dial Direct today.

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Dial Direct Insurance
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