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Car Insurance-Why you cannot be without it

The most common form of insurance that people own is car insurance, and it is absolutely essential for all drivers to have it. Many prospective car buyers do not realise that they cannot purchase a new vehicle without car insurance, and for first-time buyers the prospect of insuring their car is daunting and a little intimidating. There is no way around it, however, because the various institutions that deal in auto finance all share this much in common: an insistence on car insurance. You will need to find a short-term insurance provider like Dial Direct to insure your vehicle.

You must be aware that a number of the banks and financial institutions are closely tied to specific insurance companies or brokers. This affiliation, which can sometimes take the form of an even more incestuous relationship as with OUTsurance and First Rand for instance, means that new buyers can be bullied into accepting insurance from the institution's "preferred insurer". Don't let this happen to you. You are empowered and entitled to refuse to use that preferred supplier and instead choose an independent company, such as Dial Direct. The key is to be selective and shop around for the best deal that suits your needs. You don't want to pay exorbitant premiums, and if you use an insurance broker you will certainly end up paying a lot more than if you bought your car insurance direct. You want the best possible coverage at the most affordable price.

First-time buyers, who are usually very young also need to acknowledge the harsh fact that because of their lack of experience they are liable to pay far higher premiums than experienced, older drivers, and they will also have higher excesses and penalties built into their car insurance policies. Companies like Dial Direct, that are well known to cater to the specific needs of a younger clientele frequently offer the best deals, and the process of buying direct is so much simpler that it appeals to new buyers.

If you are fortunate enough to be a cash buyer of a car, whether new or used, the realities of life in South Africa dictate that you still should not be without a car insurance policy. Thefts, hijackings, and a high number of accidents are a way of life here, with many drivers on the road unlicensed adding to your risk. You need to select an insurance product that matches your needs in terms of budget, added value, coverage, and payable excess amounts. Your car insurance is an important decision, but if you follow our advice the process becomes simple, safe, and affordable.

If you choose a direct short-term insurance provider like Dial Direct, you will receive an individual car insurance solution that has been modified specifically for your current needs. You also don't pay any additional fees or charges that are some times difficult to spot when you do not buy direct. Any driver on the road who is thinking of switching insurance carriers or considering buying a new auto should consider the many benefits and savings associated with direct insurance. Dial Direct Insurance offers short-term insurance direct to the consumer, with incredibly low premiums, an array of rewards, and unmatched service.

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