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South African Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance is a necessity for every car owner. You can insure your car against accidents, damages, and theft. In South Africa, vehicle insurance can be very expensive. Insurance companies also sell vehicle insurance policies that have strict conditions because of the high-risks involved in insuring cars here. So it is standard for vehicle insurance policies in South Africa to require the installation of immobilizers and / or vehicle tracking systems. The size of the premium that you pay for motor coverage is largely determined by the value of your car. The excess that you need to pay if you make a claim for vehicle insurance is largely determined by the age and experience of the driver that is being insured.

When your car is damaged or written off, that is to say destroyed in an accident, the insurance provider will pay out an amount based on a variety of values that are determined beforehand. These factor in the following: the model and make of your vehicle that is insured, the age of the vehicle as well as the condition that it is in, and the replacement value of the vehicle in question.

Motor vehicle insurance policies tend to have fairly complex excess structures, but they are based on your prior driving history. First-time drivers, or drivers with no history on South African roads are penalized by paying higher premiums until they demonstrate that they are safe drivers. Drivers with a good safety record benefit when they purchase a vehicle insurance policy by receiving lower premiums, especially from direct insurance companies such as Dial Direct.

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South African Vehicle Insurance
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