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AIG South Africa Insurance Products

AIG South Africa Ltd is part of the multi-national American International Group, Inc, a world leader in the global insurance and financial services industry operating in over 130 countries throughout the world.

AIG South Africa has been a strong presence in the country since 1962, and from then until now has offered South Africans a comprehensive range of short term and long term insurance products catered to the South African environment.

Short Term Insurance Products

AIG South Africa provides short term insurance products for individuals and businesses, where over the years it has innovated and tailor-made many insurance products.

For the individual, AIG offers offers comprehensive insurance policies that cover all the usual short term insurance requirements. AIG offers insurance for an individuals motor vehicle, be it a car, motorbike, caravan or boat. AIG also offers house insurance which covers the actual building and householder insurance which insures the contents of the house. AIG's personal insurance products are extremely flexible and are supported by additional services depending on the cover chosen.

AIG's business insurance unit provides short term insurance products for virtually all business eventualities. AIG provides comprehensive auto insurance for a corporates vehicles or fleet of vehicles. AIG will also insure goods in transit, be it by truck, plane or boat.

Using AIG, a business can insure itself against events such as kidnappings and extortion, product recalls, machine breakdowns, environmental damage of a business, net losses and rehabilitation costs following either malicious or accidental contamination.

AIG also provides insurance products for director and employee liabilities, political risk, property terrorism and sabotage, trade credit risk and evacuation and repatriation insurance.

AIG's range of business insurance products have only been touched on in this article and it is recommended a qualified consultant is used to understand and grasp the full offering that is available.

Long Term Insurance Products

In terms of long-term insurance products, AIG South Africa has made a name for itself by offering a range of comprehensive Accident & Health products focused on providing South Africans with peace of mind in the event of any unfortunate accidents or health issues. AIG South Africa's Speciality, Individual and Family life products are in place as a comprehensive protection against any mishap or accident that could render the insured unable to support themselves or their families.

One of AIG's most popular product line is its Leisure and Business Travel products which are designed to provide peace of mind and financial security to South Africans travelling abroad and far from home. In this regard, AIG has products to suit all South Africans demographically, including cover for individuals, families, senior citizens, groups and youths.

There is also a group of AIG products called Group Benefits that are aimed at providing organisations, their employees and their visitors with comprehensive Accident and Health coverage.

Finally, AIG's Pre-Funding Medical Aid Liability are group of life products from AIG Risk Finance that have been devised to best meet the specific requirements of the client, often addressing post-retirement medical aid liabilities.

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4/14/2010 8:58:47 AM
AIG South Africa offers a huge range of both short and lont term insurance products.
AIG insurance products
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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